The HoZer®

  • No more hose related sleep interruptions
  • Enables the CPAP hose to follow your every movement – ALL NIGHT LONG
  • Optional 2 or 3 rod sectionsAssembles in seconds
  • Fits any hose diameter
  • Enhances the sleep you expect with CPAP
  • Compliance will dramatically increase
  • CPAP hose no longer gets tangled in bedlinens
  • Sleek designIncludes Storage/Travel Bag
  • Sleep in any position
  • Provides CPAP hose management from the bedside table, all the way to your mask
  • Portable – only 12 oz
  • Finally … freedom from your CPAP hose
  • Clip design accomodates hose wrapFits any bed size or bed type
  • Finally maximum CPAP comfort
  • Flexible rods extend and retract the CPAP hose
  • Truckers … it works in your sleeper
  • The HoZer® – it’s for your Partner too!
  • Stops nightly mask adjustments

Total CPAP Comfort & Acceptance from Day 1

Speak with your local CPAP supplier and ask for it by name

The HoZer®

Supporting all CPAP distributors and manufacturers.