On behalf of The HoZer Canada Inc. I would like to thank everyone who have taken the time to share with us their personal comments on using the HoZer®. Here are some of the remarks from CPAP users who NO LONGER sleep with a CPAP hose in their beds.

Thousands of people now believe that:

The HoZer® is a CPAP Necessity . . . NOT . . . an Accessory


Was in the middle of moving and left the HoZer behind. Weeks of using my CPAP machine without the HoZer proved to be challenging. The tube was always pulling on the mask, scrapping the wall, or digging into the side of my face. I highly recommend the HoZer. Thanks for helping me get a great night’s sleep.

Jeff Kashin 
Eyeglass Man (Manotick, ON)                 


I got it! Bev was great, and so is the HoZer. Thanks.

Steve T.

I have been using the HoZer for over a year now. It allows for much more range of movement while sleeping and I don’t wake up needing to move the hose at night. it also allows for better storage of the hose when not sleeping. I find it to be an excellent product and I have recommended it to other CPAP users.

Phil B.
Manotick, ON                 

Greg…..THANK YOU…! for introducing the HoZer to me. I have finally won the wrestling match with my hose. For the past 4 nights, I have gone to bed at 11:00 pm and woke at 6:30 am… and I can’t remember anything in between !!!

Allan F.
Ottawa, ON                 

My wife has had a CPAP machine for 10 or more years and I got one in 2008. I have tried and tried and tried night after night to keep my mask on my face. Unfortunately I do not have the patience like my wife, Joanne, who has been adjusting it for five times a night. By the time a second or even sometimes a third displacement of the mask, I shut my CPAP machine off as it’s too frustrating. Because of this, I have not used my CPAP machine for 2 1/2 years.

I now have the HoZer and I am able to sleep at night without the mask dislodging. What a relief. What a wonderful device. I believe every person with a CPAP machine would benefit with more restful nights and less frustration.

Now that my wife has a HoZer, she sleeps comfortably without waking and therefore I don’t wake as in the past when her mask would fall off. I highly recommend this HoZer device.Thanks.

George Findley
EQUA, Ottawa, ON                 

I have had a CPAP machine for about 10 years. During this time, each and every night, my mask would come off my face 4 or 5 times and a loud blast of air from the machine would wake me up. I would then have to adjust it on my face again and it would take some time to get back to sleep. It also would wake up my husband, so he wasn’t very happy either. Sometimes I left it off and my husband would complain of my snoring, so I would put the mask back on and try again.

Now that I have the HoZer, I sleep through the night without the mask coming off my face. Wow, what a tremendous difference. I am so happy to not be woken up 4 or 5 times and my husband is also quite pleased. I would definitely recommend the HoZer to anybody with a CPAP machine who has had the same difficulties.


Joanne Findley
Ottawa, ON                 

The day I was diagnosed as having sleep apnea I started dreading the fact that my life would change forever…and it did! Although the CPAP machine I was prescribed actually increased the overall amount of sleep I was getting, I was constantly waking up having to unravel myself from the air hose that had wrapped itself around me. I also encountered problems with my mask as it shifted and kept falling off every time I moved. I found myself switching mask styles, hoses and CPAP machines looking for answers. I almost got to the point of giving up on the whole thing.

Then I heard about the “HoZer.” Having exhausted all the other options, I agreed to sample it.

I was somewhat sceptical of the simplicity of this device. My scepticism was soon dismissed and uninterrupted sleep was no longer a dream but a reality. I now wonder how many other sleep apnea sufferers have gone through the same dilemmas that I encountered and how many continue to suffer from sleepless nights. The “HoZer” is like a new lease on life.

Greg Perrin
Ottawa, ON   

Thank you for the wonderful service…I am a Canadian and prefer to purchase from our country whenever possible…now finding your company is a bonus…I had previously had a metal type hose holder which I absolutely hated..it was cumbersome, heavy, just downright not pleasant to use..after I found the HoZer I was delighted with the efficiency..it reminds me of a fishing rod…No tugging, overhead pulling..it just goes where it should…bends when it should and when I’m done I just attach my mask to the main hose with the little clip and it’s ready for the next time..The makeup of this product is remarkable..simple …yes….but it works.

Margie Dunbar
Nanoose Bay, BC  

Good evening Mr. Johnson, I’m quite amazed that you are ready to replace a broken part. I’ve been using the HoZer for over 3 years, and I don’t know how I would sleep without it. Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your excellent service.Related Posts

Montreal, QC